Smart Firefighting

WeRespond is a community that aims to accelerate innovation for emergency responders. Our goal is to bring together first responders, manufacturers, technology companies, startups, and government agencies to discuss opportunities and develop smart solutions. Fire departments around the world are under pressure: aging populations, increasing urbanization, and an unpredictable climate make it harder to keep us safe. While at the same time, their duties are expanding to include active shooter response, community preparedness, and prevention. Forward-thinking leaders within the fire service know their tactics and strategies need to evolve. First responders need quality PPE, communications, portable equipment, and information systems to do their jobs. Many first response units across the country are finding themselves left behind, as technologies evolve to meet the needs of consumers, military, and the private sector before their own. Efforts to exploit the promise of smart technologies have been widely fragmented. The WeRespond community came about to address this need. We do this by giving projects increased visibility, and connecting them with others in our community with the subject-matter knowledge, technical expertise, and other resources to help accelerate progress. In the future, we plan to have event meetups. Stay tuned!


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