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The events of 9/11 created permanent changes in the provision of emergency services. Remembering the lives lost, recovery efforts and long-term influences are essential for emergency service professionals in all disciplines. Major incident response has been a discussion for decades, but what have fire, EMS and law enforcement learned from these events?

This webinar will discuss the lessons learned at what took place after the 9/11 attack, the logistics and the aftermath on the victims and the community response from a historical and 20 years later perspective. Remember, it’s not just the response, it’s the recovery process.

Some of the lessons that will be shared will discuss the ever-changing environment, the tasking and the sheer magnitude of the event that would require a constant shifting and reevaluation of the process. The presenters will deliver a close look at behind the scenes of Ground Zero as well as a look at the golden hour that must be explored for success.

The webinar presenters will:

  • Describe the complex sociopolitical environments created at Ground Zero and in other large-scale disasters.
  • Share lessons from operational decision-making at Ground Zero to promote learning for future decision-making in events.
  • Describe the importance of decision made in the golden hour.
  • Explore tools to enhance the preparedness, recovery, and resilience capabilities of responders.
  • Reinforce the importance of meeting the physical and mental health needs of responders. Presenters Mike Fagel and Greg Benson will share their experiences. Fagel was assigned to FDNY at Ground Zero for 100 Days in 2001. Dr. Fagel spent 40 years in public safety (fire, EMS, law enforcement and emergency management). Chief Benson has spent over 30 years in the fire service and has helped to establish two brand new fire departments in the last 15 years. Fagel and Benson teach at the Illinois Institute of Technology, Master of Public Policy Program.

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