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Find out how Project THOR — a collaboration between the Northwest Colorado Council of Governments (NWCCOG) and multiple Colorado counties — is bringing accessible, affordable and reliable broadband internet to rural communities in the state. The project connects more than 400 miles of existing public and commercial fiber to bring service to underserved areas.


On Aug. 9, Government Technology will host a live webcast where officials from NWCCOG and experts Ciena will explain how 14 communities are collaborating to strengthen middle-mile infrastructure which supports cost-competitive broadband service for local governments, schools, healthcare, public safety and the public. This session will cover:


  • Lessons learned and best practices for building broadband networks
  • Insights on tapping into grants and other funding mechanisms for broadband projects
  • Strategies for sustaining broadband networks long term

Who Attends

Anyone involved in reducing fire loss, either physical or financial: risk managers, loss control specialists, fire officers, fire marshals, fire inspectors, safety managers, fire protection consultants, designers, engineers, code enforcers, facility managers, and others who have responsibilities dealing with the application of fire safety, protection, prevention, and suppression technologies

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