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What if 90% of cases could be solved with 10% of the data? Digital triage provides the opportunity to quickly identify and protect victims, determine suspects, and solve your cases early.

ADF empowers front-line field investigators and lab examiners to investigate on-scene or in the lab to quickly preview evidence on-scene, seize the appropriate devices, take a suspect into custody, identify any victims and prioritize devices in the lab.

Join this webinar to learn how triage allows you to prioritize evidence, make decisions on the need for a further deep dive into the data, or gain peace of mind, based on the facts.

Specifically, you will learn about ADF investigation tools, including:

  • Instant mobile preview
  • Screenshot mobile phones with optical character recognition (OCR) text analysis
  • Facial analytics and age recognition
  • Built-in and custom search profiles
  • Automatic and manual image classification and tagging
  • Report customizations to sanitize for court or prosecutors


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