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The widespread sweep of COVID-19 threatened the heart and soul of every government: community. Now, as dust settles from the pandemic, every government is wide awake, ready to make a change. During key phases of transition like these, the best foot forward is the one that greets innovation. To make-up for the uncertainty of last year, we must rely on secure and effective technological solutions.

Join Granicus, alongside an exclusive group of government leaders, to discover how to ensure your economic and community development strategies are properly executed, leverage development initiatives to increase the flow of money within your city, and build the best development plan for your government’s unique situation.

Specifically, attendees will learn:

  • How to identify the building blocks to begin development initiatives in your city
  • The importance of revamping local businesses to improve your economic development plan
  • The importance of unifying your revitalization goals with the associated new tech solutions to have continued community success

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