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Public transit is key to revitalizing urban centers as cities focus their post-COVID recovery efforts. In most places, that means bus transit. And transportation leaders across the country are looking at programs to make their buses run more effectively and efficiently.

One important way cities are improving their bus network is by creating or expanding bus-only or transit-only lanes. Some transit agencies have partnered with their Department of Transportation or Parking Authority peers to create enforcement programs designed to remove obstacles from these designated lanes. The programs are aimed at improving on-time performance, reducing emissions, and creating a more appealing offer to potential riders.

Join us October 26 at 11am PT/2pm ET for a webinar on bus-lane enforcement, and how new tools and solutions are making it easier and more cost effective for cities to provide safe, reliable, clean bus transit — improving the experience for riders and helping power economic growth.

Our panel of experts will cover:

· Strategies and best practices for improving bus transit operations
· Policy and regulatory changes – including new legislation in California – that are transforming bus-lane enforcement
· New sensory tools and AI innovations to automate and modernize bus lanes

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