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Providing and sharing information that prepare criminal justice professionals to better do their jobs as well as serve the public is at the heart of data-driven policing. The four data collection efforts that fall within the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program enable policymakers, law enforcement leaders, researchers, and the public to better understand trends in offenses and crime, protect and educate communities, and implement change. Without data, leaders are blinded by a lack of insight, oversight, and transparency.


Join us in this live webinar to learn more about data-driven policing through a fully implemented Incident Based Reporting System (IBRS) that provides an ability to:

  • Maintain a centralized repository and cloud-based record management system   
  • Create, send, and receive data to a central index using person elements   
  • Receive and send person records from multiple sources
  • Search individuals using various Identification Numbers

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Anyone concerned with life safety compliance for health care occupancies, including: facility managers, authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs), safety directors, engineers, architects, risk managers, and code consultants.

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