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The Administration’s Executive Order on tackling the climate crisis has placed concern for the environment front and center in government policy, programs and missions. The government-wide approach to climate change has had a widespread impact as agencies marshal resources to make our Nation resilient in the face of this threat.


Together, agencies are fulfilling their missions with climate change in mind as they reduce pollution; increase resilience to the impact of climate change; and conserve America’s land, water and biodiversity. Whether buying energy efficient vehicles or increasing the energy and water efficiency of government installations, agencies are driving toward a more sustainable future.


This discussion will tap the expertise of leaders from government to explore the policy, programs, and missions that are wrestling with the climate crisis today.


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There are 1 CEU available for this program.


Learning objectives:

  • Explore the impact of agency efforts to advance conservation, agriculture and reforestration.
  • Detail impact of the whole-of-government approach to reducing climate pollution and increase resilience to climate impacts.
  • Discuss government policy, program and mission initiatives surrounding climate change.

Who Attends

Anyone with the roles and responsibilities of Fire Inspector I—particularly those planning to take the CFI-I certification examination, as well as fire service professionals, code officials, AHJs, insurance professionals, and others expected to maintain this certification as part of their employment requirements.

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