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Advances in forensic technology confirm that traditional interviewing and interrogation techniques that rely on overly coercive tactics and clever psychological tricks can generate false confessions, alienate juries, or lead to premature termination of the interview due to emotional or legal shutdowns. The Inductive Interview System is designed and proven to overcome these pitfalls of other interviewing techniques and produce credible confessions that will withstand court scrutiny. The Inductive Interview System creates an environment conducive to full disclosure of the truth while overcoming reluctance to reveal evidence of guilt and exposing attempts at deception or suppression. This unique, non-linear, non-confrontational approach is significantly different, more reliable, and considerably more flexible than traditional “linear” approaches to forensic interviewing.

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Anyone involved in reducing fire loss, either physical or financial: risk managers, loss control specialists, fire officers, fire marshals, fire inspectors, safety managers, fire protection consultants, designers, engineers, code enforcers, facility managers, and others who have responsibilities dealing with the application of fire safety, protection, prevention, and suppression technologies

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