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PLEASE NOTE: There is no registration for this event. If you have any questions, please reach out to [email protected].

In order to support our partners who wish to use the wide array of CTEPs available through CISA (please note that a HSIN-CI account is required), which includesuch topics as active shooter, vehicle ramming Unmanned Aerials Systems, Cyber vectors, etc., CISA Exercises will be hosting a 90 minute workshop to provide an overview of the CISA Exercise Tabletop Exercise Package (CTEP), an unclassified, adaptable discussion-based exercise resource, the supporting documents included in each CTEP package, and tips on how to effectively use the CTEP to plan and execute a tabletop exercise.

The workshop will also provide an opportunity for private sector stakeholders to ask any questions and provide feedback they may have on the packages, as well as request additional packages as there are over ninety different scenario options to choose from within the CTEP program. The workshops will occur on a monthly basis, will be hosted by CISA Exercises Infrastructure Security & Exercise Branch, and will include participation from private sector stakeholders and critical infrastructure owners and operators from across the nation.

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