Crisis Stabilization & Scene Management: A Roadmap To De-Escalation, Field Dynamics and Decision Making Using The R.O.A.R Model

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In 2016, Respond-Observe-Assess-React (ROAR) was developed by Dr. Pietro D’Ingillo and Sgt. Eric Ehrhorn to instruct members of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. This response model minutely dissects facets of field response and is considered a roadmap to de-escalation (crisis stabilization), field dynamics and decision making.

ROAR’s design innately identifies stabilizing and de-stabilizing factors which are integral in the responder’s utilization of windows of opportunity. The collection of these variables amounts to scene management, which is critically important in all calls for service and overarches the highly sought out outcome of de-escalation (crisis stabilization).

Furthermore, because ROAR addresses fundamental variables of community-based responding, it is also relevant to non-law enforcement responders, such as community outreach workers, mental health professionals and security personnel.

ROAR is considered the de-escalation (crisis stabilization) process which promotes the creativity that generates de-escalation techniques. This response model has been specifically adapted to special populations and multiple versions exist relative to field contacts involving military veterans and people experiencing homelessness.

Furthermore, ROAR is being explored for application to situations involving domestic violence and human trafficking. Regardless of the nature of the call for service, ROAR’s generalizability captures vital and universal features which can assist the responder in decreasing the intensity of any situation.

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