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Transforming Law Enforcement, Public Safety, and Courtroom Experiences with Enhanced Digital Documents and Workflows

Join us on Tuesday, July 20, 2021, to explore how your organization can take advantage of existing workflows and IT investments such as ServiceNow, Microsoft, and SAP, along with Adobe, to keep the mission moving across every department and agency. You will learn how integrated digital documents and workflow can be used to modernize DOJ’s digital communications among the court’s components, how judges can digitally sign and submit rulings, and how the same technology can be applied to today’s HR and security onboarding processes.

Specifically, in this session you will explore how:

  • DOJ is embedding their end-to-end digital communications between the judges, clerks, applicants, and legal counsel
  • DOJ is using Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Forms to modernized court documents allowing judges to digitally sign and submit rulings
  • Utilizing AEM Forms reduces manual errors, improves regulatory compliance, protects sensitive information, and meets accessibility requirements

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn how your organization can transform manual paper-based processes into 100% digital document workflows – register today!

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