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    In Person
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    CIA, City Government, County Government, Dept of Homeland Security, Dept of Justice, Federal Government, Intelligence Agencies, Municipal Government, Other Federal Agencies, State & Local Government, State Government
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    Law Enforcement, Public Safety, Risk Management/Regulatory
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The FBINAA is a nonprofit membership organization whose mission is dedicated to impacting communities by providing and promoting law enforcement leadership through training and networking. Designed around your professional development, educational and training needs, the Conference is the most education-packed conference the FBINAA has ever presented!

Featured at the Conference:

  • Keep up-to-date on 21st Century contemporary law enforcement trends and issues
  • Progressive education and exceptional training
  • Discover new products and services
  • Network with NA session mates and like-minded professionals

The FBINAA has made significant advancements for the conference over the years to improve the quality of education and training, make it more economical to include meals and events, and to enhance the overall family experience.

Greater number of robust training sessions and professional development seminars focused on 21st Century contemporary law enforcement trends and issues.

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