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Shouldn’t the veterinarian be at least as proactive in responding to suspected animal abuse as physicians are in recognizing and reporting suspected child abuse? That’s a question being discussed in veterinary circles as more practitioners receive training in veterinary forensics and learn how to resolve their formidable practice management dilemmas. State laws, national organizational policies, and Veterinary Social Workers are prompting a new look at the veterinarian’s role with abused animals. Growing public interest in animal welfare and the FBI’s inclusion of four types of animal cruelty in the NIBRS data system is resulting in veterinarians being asked to articulate exactly what an abused animal’s condition is. This webinar will describe how veterinarians are an invaluable resource for law enforcement and animal care & control officers in not only reporting, describing, and testifying about animal abuse, but also in the newest frontier – “DV and the DVM,” responses when clients express histories of domestic violence which also affects their animals’ well-being.

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