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Active bystandership (AB) promotes an organizational culture where officers are empowered to intervene when noticing their colleagues are—or are about to—engage in dangerous, unwanted, or inappropriate behavior. It focuses on direct intervention in an informal capacity rather than formalized reporting. AB is a psychological construct that is well known in other professions and has been implemented by the New Orleans and Baltimore Police Departments. In the Baltimore Police Department (BPD), the AB training is titled Ethical Policing is Courageous (EPIC) and is designed to: (1) prevent misconduct, (2) avoid mistakes, and (3) promote healthy officers. There are currently more than 100 agencies signed up to receive AB training through the Active Bystandership for Law Enforcement (ABLE) Project at the Center for Innovations in Community Safety at Georgetown University Law Center for Innovations in Community Safety. This webinar will describe key concepts of AB, the implementation of AB training in policing, and preliminary findings from the implementation of the EPIC training in BPD.

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