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When instant information is needed to manage a community’s safety and plan for the future, aerial images provide a key point of view. These maps and geospatial data are especially critical during the initial response to natural disasters and other public safety events. And in the wake of a tragedy, aerial information is key to assess the damage and help plan for rebuilding. 


Even in non-emergency situations, a view from above can also help cities:

  • Manage large gatherings and events
  • Analyze the current landscape to help identify future threats or concerns, such as areas that could easily flood
  • Support first responders
  • Plan for city improvements such as sidewalks and pedestrian bridges

In the city of Salem, Oregon, staff used a map-based emergency management approach to collect and distribute information for prioritizing ice storm response measures. The city deployed smart maps and dashboards, and recovery teams were even able to identify tree canopy loss.


We’ve invited representatives from the city of Salem to share their story and discuss lessons learned for other cities around aerial mapping. Join us for the live discussion, hosted by Government Technology and Nearmap, on June 2 at 2 pm EST/11 am PST.

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Any individual interested to learn about fire safety. Managers, supervisors and workers working in any organization.

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