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Law enforcement agencies across the country are going mobile, resulting in connected officers who have greater access to mission-essential information and are better equipped to engage the community.

Join us to hear how the Lenexa, Kansas Police Department has constructively integrated mobility into every aspect of patrol and investigative operations, including a web-based regional data sharing application that provides real-time access to computer-aided dispatch data across multiple agencies. You’ll also learn how Lenexa PD was able to cost-effectively deploy smartphones to all personnel and hear from the chief of police how going mobile provided an immediate and on-going return on investment for the agency.

Don’t miss this informative webinar.

Presenters: Chief of Police Dawn Layman will provide an overview of the mobile applications in use at Lenexa PD. She will explain the management and operational advantages of going mobile and provide examples of the synergistic benefits realized when mobility is part of the operational plan.

Chief (ret) David Brown, served 35 years in law enforcement, much of it with Lenexa PD. He is a public safety advisor for T-Mobile and works with agencies in several states to leverage mobility solutions as force multipliers. He will provide additional insight to Lenexa’s move to mobile and what he is seeing with other organizations.

Who Attends

– Anyone who wants to start his fire safety career.

– Anyone who believes they have a passion for fire safety and have urge to learn more deeply.

– Anyone who’s never take fire safety training, but really wants to learn real stuff!

– Anyone who’s going through fire safety that hasn’t succeeded as expected.

– Anyone looking to position themselves as an authority in their safety field.

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