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It’s undeniable the times we are living in are stressful.  The pandemic has placed undue tension on our agencies and especially the teams therein.  We are experiencing record low staffing numbers, and employees are leaving faster than employers can hire.  This webinar was designed to offer ways teams can function at their highest level, even through stressful circumstances.


Utilizing the Myers-Briggs personality assessment knowledge, you will learn ways to maximize employee performance by understanding what appeals to each personality type.  You will know the different stressors of each and identify ways to avoid them.  You will learn how to respect and enhance your teams through mutual understanding and cooperation.  Whether you are a team member or a team leader, it’s crucial to understand how to inspire and motivate people to perform at the highest level possible.  Would you rather have a team people can’t get away from fast enough or one they can’t wait to join?

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Anyone that wants to become a Firefighter or join the fire service.

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