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The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) mission to support our nation depends on partnerships with our citizens and first responders, and as we work together, we are able to build, sustain, and improve our mission ready capabilities before, during, and after a disaster.


FEMA is hosting a Recompete Logistics Construction and Mission Planning Support 2023 Industry Day Event on Thursday, December 8, 2022. The purpose of this Industry Day Event is to inform local businesses of the upcoming Recompete Logistics Construction and Mission Planning Support, obtain industry input, and request best practices in developing efficient processes for reasonable response time.


The Transportable Temporary Housing Unit (TTHU) program, in conjunction with the FEMA Individual Assistance Division, provides direct temporary housing assistance following a major disaster declaration, by providing manufactured homes and other types of transportable temporary housing to disaster survivors. The TTHU program, within the FEMA Logistics Management Directorate LMD, is seeking disaster housing planning services to support direct temporary housing implementation. These services may include providing credible, objective, and timely evaluation necessary to determine if direct housing assistance is needed, develop a mission plan for TTHUs, provide detailed information on local codes, permitting requirements, installation and transportation restrictions, points of contact for state and local authorities, and other information necessary from the TTHU mission Washington, DC perspective.

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