How Emerging Technologies are Impacting the Public Safety Mission (And Why You Should Care)

Hosted By IPSA
October 12th, 2021 - 1:00PM to 2:00PM

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People are more connected by technology than ever before. The ubiquity of technology in our daily lives not only creates new threat scenarios but also exposes public safety professionals to an ever-evolving landscape of new use cases to keep up with. Our cars, homes, even our identities, are no longer just targeted by attacks but are becoming threat vectors for even greater impact and effect.

In this presentation, we will look at popular emerging technologies and their potential threat scenarios. We will also look at some of the potential ideas for getting ahead of emergent technology and methods for understanding potential threats before they occur.

Some of the lessons to be discussed include the ever-changing technology environment, understanding of how common emerging technologies function, and the continuous evolution of criminal and public safety use cases. The presenter will deliver a close look at current trends in emerging technologies and their intersection with traditional public safety missions. The webinar presenter will:

1. Describe and examine various emerging technologies and their potential intersections with public safety.
2. Identify criminal use cases arising from new and emerging technologies.
3. Explore methods to enhance the preparedness, recovery, and resilience to new technological threats.
4. Provide a framework for analyzing and understanding potential threats for new technologies.

Christopher Cruz is the Cybersecurity Program Manager for the Virginia Department of Emergency Management, assigned to the Secretary’s Office of Public Safety and Homeland Security in the Commonwealth of Virginia. In this role, Christopher is responsible for the coordination, development, and integration of cybersecurity capabilities across the public safety and homeland security landscape. Previously, Christopher worked for several Fortune 500 companies leading a variety of security projects focused on insider threat, incident response, critical data protection, and IT risk management practices.

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