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    On Demand Webcast
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    City Government, County Government, Dept of Veterans Affairs, DOD & Military, Federal Government, Other Federal Agencies, State & Local Government, State Government
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    First Responders, Healthcare, Law Enforcement
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This webinar will bring together subject matter experts to discuss some of the current challenges facing first responders and veterans in the area of wellness. It will also address some of the latest research and discuss innovative programs being utilized to improve wellness initiatives for first responders, veterans and their agencies. It will discuss ways that organizations can be proactive in training and education in the area of wellness and also supportive in times of trauma through the use of programs such as Peer Support.

  • By attending this webinar, the audience will take away ideas for elements to introduce to their organization’s psychological wellness programs and ways to respond to trauma that promote healing.
  • All attendees will learn about how to support = wellness in their organizations, from recruiting through to retirement.
  • Attendees will better understand the challenges faced by first responders and service members, the psychological impact of their roles and some of the initiatives implemented by organizations across North America to be proactive in supporting members.

Webinar Recording All IPSA Associate and Active Level Members will have access to the recording.

Certificates of Completion All Attendees will receive a Certificate of Completion from the International Public Safety Association.

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