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In this webinar, ISO will be introducing its rollout of “Mitigate”, a new online resource for the fire service, first responders, and community officials. “Mitigate” provides insights to help you improve your fire protection efforts and facilitate communications and data exchanges with ISO. We will be explaining the powerful features that are offered through “Mitigate” at no cost to communities to assist you in measuring and improving your fire protection system performance.

Join ISO management for this webinar about how to utilize “Mitigate” dashboard to gain valuable insight of your Public Protection Classification (PPC) rating. The dashboard provides detailed information of your community’s scores related to the fire department, water providers, emergency communications center, and your community risk reduction efforts. As well the dashboard also provides benchmark scores with comparisons to a peer group of similar communities and a state and national group. In addition, “Mitigate” provides an interactive map of your fire protection area with fire stations, hydrants and commercial building locations.

Attendees will be aware of a new tool available to Fire Chiefs to assist in their fire protection planning
Attendees will be provided with an overview of the site
Attendees will know how they can sign up and utilize “Mitigate”

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