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The COVID-19 pandemic forced state and local governments to rapidly stand up social service referral systems, whether for food, supplies, housing or workforce development. Many agencies resorted to handy, quick tools like spreadsheets and clipboards. Meanwhile, surging constituent traffic is still pitting a strain on case reviews, making it difficult to ensure services are delivered to those in need.

The result? Operational deficiencies, improper routing of cases, slow response times, and inefficient allocation of resources and much more.

It’s time for social services agencies to upgrade the Band-Aid fixes they put in place in the pandemic, to digitally transform the processes and workflows critical to efficient case management. Organizations need an end-to-end, no-code workflow system that allows them to track and report on their successes.

Join us on August 16 to learn from government and industry leaders about how technology can enable fast, scalable and rapidly adaptable case management and social services to residents and communities in need. Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • Operational coherence: Automate cases directly to the proper respondent.
  • Simplified integrations: Bring together legacy systems to ensure interoperability across silos
  • Auditability: Create a strong audit trail to track performance and identify process bottlenecks Development efficiency: Build with flexibility and choice, and deploy solutions that will simplify case management

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