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The need for Community Building has become increasingly complex.  Motivational Conversation is a method where building relationships through the use of well-placed questions will lead to better relationships with the public.

The necessity for good relationships between the criminal justice system and the public is vitally important.  We can build good relationships with communities by understanding how those relationships are influenced by several different perspectives.  There are three perspectives which we need to understand as criminal justice professionals to understand, engage, and construct positive relationships with the public.

The perspectives are:

  • Societal Worldview:  A successful society must have productive interaction between various parts of government, societal groups, religions, and the economy.  Each part of society functions together to contribute to the success of the whole.
  • Conflict Mindset:  This occurs with groups or individuals.  There is an emphasis placed on the source of differences among individuals or groups.  Conflict can be based on politics, availability of resources/opportunity, group affiliation, etc.  Some people can find comfort in perpetuating these differences.
  • Personal Lens:  We have a set of personal experiences and value judgments which shape our personal one-on-one interactions.  We find comfort in these value judgments.

By understanding the influences of these three perspectives and utilizing Motivational Conversation strategies, genuine community building can take place.  It takes commitment, time,  and effort, but the dividends gained can be truly significant.


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