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The response to the COVID-19 pandemic has challenged every state in the nation for over a year and continues today.  Simultaneously, states have dealt with wildfires, floods, tornadoes, domestic extremism, civil unrest, and cyber-attacks.  Emergency management is a specialized area and State Emergency Management Directors rely on the NEMA support and information network to identify issues and solutions across states; address national policy issues with the federal government; and try to anticipate and plan for the next challenge on the horizon.

While NEMA has been hosting virtual meetings between State EM Directors during the pandemic, there are some issues that require more in depth, serious discussion which is best accomplished in-person – with health/safety precautions in place.

With vaccinations progressing in all states, modeling that shows a downward trajectory in positive cases beginning in the spring; the State Director demographic indicates all should be fully vaccinated soon; and emergency management leaders are committed to following CDC COVID-19 guidelines, we believe a safe in-person meeting is possible by end of June 2021. Therefore, NEMA is pleased to host the 2021 Meeting of the States.

*Registration is open to state emergency management directors and up to two (2) senior staff.  Sponsors may also have up to two (2) representatives in attendance. Sponsors should contact NEMA administration to register.

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