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In emergency response every second matters. Live911 allows first responders to hear 911 calls in real-time. With Live911 software, patrol officers can monitor incoming emergency calls for their immediate area in real-time. First Responders can hear the caller’s urgency and small details that may not be entered into the CAD system as well as identify on a map the caller’s precise location prior the call for service being dispatched.

The current national conversation is focusing on how officers can make better decisions and de-escalate dangerous situations. This tool assists dispatch and officers by providing them with more information, to respond quicker, and to save lives.

Join Lieutenant Jim Munro, Carla Evan and Tom Goodwin to discuss:

  • How Live911 deployments are benefiting police departments and sheriff’s offices
  • Surprising insights and the impact on dispatch
  • Real-world examples of reduced response times and lives saved


  • Lieutenant Jim Munro, Clovis Police Department
  • Carla Evan, Communications Manager, Chula Vista Police Department
  • Tom Goodwin, VP of Marketing for HigherGround

This webinar is sponsored by HigherGround. All registrants will have access to the recording. All attendees will receive a Certificate of Completion.

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