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Federal agencies create more video content today than ever before, whether that be in the form of law enforcement body camera footage, security footage of federal facilities, video conference meeting recordings, or training videos. But, federal agencies and FOIA professionals have not anticipated or implemented an efficient plan for video redaction.


Waiting for the first video request leaves an agency scrambling to find imperfect solutions on an accelerated schedule when facing statutory or court-ordered production schedules, and agencies cannot credibly claim that it lacks access to this technology. To help encourage agencies to prioritize video redaction, in 2021, the United States Department of Justice and the Technology Committee of the Chief FOIA Officers Council Video Redaction Working Group released documentation on best practices for video redaction.


Join us for a webinar to learn more about:

  • Video evidence and privacy protection in law enforcement: automation benefits
  • Recognizing that video redactions present significant time commitments and finding a solution that can improve this process
  • Improving FOIA video redaction requests response times – assisting FOIA professionals to respond efficiently to requests for emerging types of Federal records within the statutory mandates
  • Ways you can develop – or have access to – a video redaction component within your FOIA program
  • Prioritizing a solution that provides the least obtrusive redaction option, allowing for maximum release of non-exempt content
  • The importance of a solution that assists agencies with video retention, storage and provides electronic reading room needs for video records to be processed by the FOIA office

redactX is an enterprise-class video and image redaction software solution that meets the criteria and supports the best practices outlined by the DOJ. We hope you join us to learn why having a video redaction component within your FOIA program should be a priority.

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