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Part one of this two-part webinar series, “Career Survival Within the Administrative Ranks of Policing,” has been specifically created and designed to provide attendees with practical and essential tools to effectively navigate the variety of challenges associated with serving as a police chief in modern-day law enforcement.   Whether during times of crisis or daily operations, this training will provide a solid pathway to assist in your career survival. For those serving in second-in-command or related top-tier agency roles, this portion of the webinar series will also help form the foundation for a strong career trajectory towards becoming a chief if that is a desired interest.  Whether the agency you lead is large or small, urban or rural, high volume or low, this course is for you!  The following are some of the vital topics that will be covered, all of which can be readily applied within your agency:

  • Ways to Successfully Navigate Politics and Manage Competing Interests
  • Risk Management and Liability Control Essentials
  • Agency Image Development and Relationship Building Tools
  • Maximizing ways to Create Public safety (measurable both quantitatively and qualitatively)
  • Goal setting and succession planning (far in advance of a crisis)


Criminal Justice and related professionals are welcome to attend the live webinar event at no charge. 

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