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Autonomous vehicles (AVs) promise many benefits, but questions remain about how law enforcement officers will interact with them. Officers likely will encounter new challenges related to technology, procedures, and constitutional authorities.  However, there are considerable misconceptions regarding the current state of AV technology and pace of adoption.  While many believe we are at the cusp of widespread AV use, the reality which law enforcement will be facing is different.  In the near-term future, law enforcement will deal with many of the same traffic-related challenges with AVs and with non-AVs, though with some added difficulty in the limited number of AV cases.  This webinar will provide a basic walkthrough of what AVs are, the broad state of the field, and some of the high-priority needs of law enforcement in the short- and long-term.  Though short-term issues are important, numerous experts in AV agreed law enforcement should begin proactive preparations to address longer-term challenges before being forced into reactive changes. Key areas of interest for law enforcement are: designing a means of communicating with AVs that also maintains cybersecurity; improving stakeholder communication and collaboration; and developing standard procedures, guidelines, and training needs for law enforcement interacting with AVs.

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