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The definitions of both the brick-and-mortar office as well as the in-vehicle office continue to change and evolve, requiring a review of both current network connectivity and security best practices. The acceleration of mobile applications and the desire for greater oversight and visibility have elevated the public safety industry’s need for improved secure remote access.

Providing secure connectivity to workers at the edge and moving with an organization’s needs for speed and agility requires balance. The need to for useability, access and security are challenges this online seminar will address. Security that reduces attacks, while enabling first responders to do their jobs efficiently and effectively whether in the field or at the department, are the ultimate goals for public safety.

Join Nick Bruckner, Vice President of Sales for Lexipol Digital Media Communities, along with Nathan Sampson, automation specialist with San Luis Obispo (SLO) County Sheriff’s Office, Jay Klauser, VP of Security Alliances for NetMotion Software, and Aaron Maben, security solutions engineer for Cradlepoint, as they discuss enabling the advanced technology required in vehicles or in the field with connectivity and security. You’ll learn:

  • How the right combination of solutions delivers the security and mobile needs of first responders, today and into the future.
  • What a breakdown of SDP, SASE and zero-trust means, and how can your organization take advantage.
  • The best next steps to not only establish a solid WAN architecture for your agency, but also ensure workers are protected and can improve do their jobs on any network.

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