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Cyber threat intelligence (CTI) represents a force multiplier for agencies and critical infrastructures looking to update their response and detection programs to deal with increasingly sophisticated advanced persistent threats. However, world-class CTI programs need to incorporate risk into all levels of the discussion to serve as decision and operational support platforms for cybersecurity professionals at all levels.

Join us in learning how risk-led programs provide a clear understanding of where to focus resources and efforts, break down process silos, unite teams, and integrate security technologies through automation and orchestration.

ThreatConnect will be discussing federal and critical infrastructure cybersecurity challenges and opportunities to improve cybersecurity outcomes through a risk-led cybersecurity program.

Take a glance at the agenda below:

Time:          Description:

1:00-1:10    Kickoff & Introduction by Carahsoft

1:10-1:30    Panel Discussion on the Risk, Threat, Response Approach to Cybersecurity

1:30-2:00    Q&A: The National Risk Management Center & Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity (NRC), Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)

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