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    Webcast - On Demand
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    In Person
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    Defense, Public Safety
  • Est. Min. Exhibitor Cost $3,000
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Safe Tech Summit is the premier public safety and defense technology conference in Bryan-College Station, TX. Safe Tech Summit is designed to bring together first responders, military members, and tech innovators to create solutions, explore emerging technology, and facilitate an ecosystem of connection.

Who Attends

Safe Tech Summit will serve five different audiences or “Tracks” during the five-day event: INNOVATION LAW MILITARY GUARD FIRE Summit Showdown is the premier event of Safe Tech Summit. Aimed at bringing new and emerging technologies to the public safety and defense industry, Safe Tech Summit brings innovation directly to the end-user; First Responders and Armed Forces Members. Safe Tech Summit recognizes all US-based and international companies and companies allowed to sell in the US. Top placing Summit winners will receive financial compensation. Currently, $50,000 in prizes will be given away.

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