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    Conference, In Person
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    In Person
  • Relevant Agencies
    City Government, County Government, Dept of Education, Dept of Homeland Security, Dept of Justice, Federal Government, FEMA, GSA, Intelligence Agencies, Municipal Government, Other Federal Agencies, State & Local Government, State Government
  • Topics
    First Responders, K-12 / Higher Education, Public Safety
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  • Est. Min. Exhibitor Cost $250.00 (Until 02/01/2022)
  • Est. Min. Attendee Cost $250.00 (Until 02/01/2022)


Our communities, families, staff, and students face ongoing and new challenges that impact student success. The purpose of this conference is to congregate leaders in the field of education, public policy, law enforcement, psychology, and planning to expand the awareness and implementation of best practices and recommendations in school safety, security, trauma-informed services, and mental/behavioral health resources. Participants will leave with actionable strategies to engage their communities in the pursuit of safer, healthier schools and neighborhoods.

The three-day event will feature nationally and regionally recognized leaders and multiple break-out sessions.

Who Attends

  • Senior school administrators (superintendents, county and district administrators, principals, public information officers, etc.).
  • Law Enforcement leaders, command leadership and dedicated staff focusing on school safety measures within their Agency’s respective jurisdictions. 
  • CEOs/presidents/executive directors and senior staff of education associations, foundations, philanthropic and non-profit organizations focused on K-12 public education.
  • Behavioral Health Professionals, School Counselors, and School Psychologists.
  • Current and former senior leadership/federal government officials who specialize in active terrorism and school safety.
  • State and County elected and appointed officials and policy makers (legislators, school board members, city council members, and others).
  • Business leaders with an interest in school security.
  • Community and civic leaders and parents with an interest in public education and school security.

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