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Suicide by cop, is an incident in which a subject intentionally engages in behaviors for the planned purpose of drawing first responders to the scene in order to confront them with violent action to precipitate a police shooting. While the psychological aspects of these incidents has been the topic of several research studies in the past several years, little has been done to address the tactical response aspects which should be considered.

There have been several suicide by cops incidents where the early information should have ‘cued’ the dispatchers and responders that a potential suicide by cop situation was unfolding. However, if dispatchers and responding officers are not aware of the common behavioral and situational factors that are common in suicide by cop incidents, they typically will miss these cues and ultimately allow the subject to have total tactical advantage and thereby permit them to dictate the outcome of the incident.

In this webinar, we will discuss the common ‘cues’ that are often present in evolving suicide by cop incidents. Being trained to identify these cues, will assist the first responders in recognizing they may be being drawn into a planned homicide, and thereby make decisions that will increase the possibility of a safe outcome. In addition, we will discuss specific tactical considerations which have been helpful for frontline officers and incident commanders to seize control of the incident and often defeat the premeditated plan of the suicidal subject.

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