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    In Person, On Demand Webcast
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    County Government, DOD & Military, Federal Government, Municipal Government, State & Local Government
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    Emergency Management, Public Safety, Technology


TechX2021 is an experience like no other. Launched via our live, hosted, and broadcasted experience November 17-19, 2021, this experience:

  • Is a 3D digital twin environment – TechX.Futura.Town – that replicates our live annual TechX in an “always-on” interactive virtual reality experience
  • Enables the public safety community to interact with the crisis missions, training, and technology in virtual reality or via our TechXLive broadcast hosted by our team of public safety SMEs.
  • Includes five 2.5 hour sessions exploring each mission through public safety expert-led explorations of the live and virtual reality scenarios as well as briefs and key opinion leader after-action reviews.

Who Attends

TechX2021 attendees include:

> Public Safety Teams & Leaders: This event will provide an interactive training ground for public safety leaders, administrators, active responders, and teams to test new technologies and get certified in the latest emergency techniques, – and all levels of Federal, State, and Local agencies are encouraged to attend: Fire Services | Law Enforcement | EMS | Government | Military
> Industry Leaders: Whether you are a technology buyer or provider of services relevant to public safety and crisis response, attendance at this event will enable you to experience the latest technologies and training available to help be ready for day-to-day operations and those resulting from a crisis.

Exhibitor Contact Info

Get ready to participate in an immersive virtual reality experience like no other – TechX.Futura.Town. This TechX2021 3D digital environment will be launched via live, hosted, and broadcasted experience November 17-19, 2021, and continue online through November 15, 2022! Launching November 17-19, 2021 via live, hosted, and broadcasted experience at the Guardian Centers, TechX.Futura. Town will provide a virtual, interactive “always-on” TechX2021, enabling:

> The public safety community to interact with the crisis missions, training, and technology in a dynamic, interactive environment through November 15, 2022.
>You, our participating companies, to sponsor and/or showcase your product or service in this exclusive virtual environment.

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