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    Dept of Justice, Judicial Branch Agencies, State & Local Government, State Government
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    Citizen Engagement, Law Enforcement, Technology
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Join NVIDIA and partners to hear how language-based AI solutions (natural language processing or NLP) are making an impact in law enforcement and citizen services today.

We will share commercially available technologies for off-line real time language translation, speech to text transcription, named entity voice recognition search, audio file search and more. This webinar is hosted by Carahsoft, NVIDIA’s public sector distributor, and Dell Technologies, one of NVIDIA’s premier infrastructure providers.

During this live webinar, attendees will learn about:

  • The latest commercially available natural language processing (NLP) technologies and how they can be applied to the law enforcement domain
  • The minimum requirements for deploying commercially available NLP solutions
  • Quick look at software and hardware tools needed should an organization want to build their own NLP solution

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Hunter A. Davis


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