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At Splunk we turn your criminal investigation data into law enforcement action. The sheer amount and breadth of data common to a modern investigation can be overwhelming, especially if the analysis of that data is across different tools or is a manual exercise. Splunk provides a centralized platform to correlate data, perform advanced analytics to various data sources and apply built-in AI to quickly identify unusual behaviors or anomalies.


Investigations are collaborative in their efforts and everyone on the team plays an important role. Having a comprehensive view into the investigative data for all participants can reduce the time to come to conclusions from days or weeks to minutes. Splunk can support your intelligence-led policing strategy by helping you remove the barriers between data and action. We are here to support your agency in any of your efforts.


Join us for a virtual workshop where we will discuss:

  • Crime analytics
  • Law enforcement
  • Fusion centers
  • Emergency and disaster relief
  • R&D

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Email: [email protected]
Phone: 703-871-8500
Toll Free: 888-662-2724
Fax: 703-871-8505


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