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The 4th Annual Data Privacy Conference USA will take place in Washington D.C. on September 14th 2022 and gather thought leaders, legislators, the public and private sectors, and civil society representatives to discuss the most topical and timely issues relating Data Privacy in the US.


Data Privacy has become an increasingly pressing concern for individuals in the USA and globally these past few years, as digital technologies have proliferated throughout our lives while numerous, sometimes wide-scale, cases of data breaches and misuses have continued to make the headlines. The huge socio-economic benefits of these technologies are however manyfold, and it is therefore essential that regulation does not impede the endless opportunities they can deliver. Trust, transparency, and accountability are central to the discussions being held around data privacy in the US and will be the core themes of Forum Global’s 4th Annual Data Privacy Conference USA.


The recent circulation of the bipartisan and bicameral‘ American Data Privacy and Protection Act’ represents a significant step forward to establish national data privacy protections with the proposed law striking compromises on a series of major sticking point and being the first privacy bill to be made available for a full House vote. Time is of the essence however, to get a federal framework across the finish line during the 117th Congress. In this context, and while States legislators, the FTC and the tech industry itself continue to respond to privacy challenges, this event will gather top level US and global data privacy experts, policymakers, industry leaders and civil society to explore the US’s response to a dynamically evolving data privacy landscape.


Sessions at this event will explore how businesses and consumers can best adapt to continuously changing privacy requirements, methods and expectations ahead of the potential enactment of the ADPPA or any other future federal rulebook on privacy, will examine the inextricable link between data privacy and competition regulations in the platform economy, and will assess how synergies between different data protection regimes internationally can be developed to create a more coherent transnational approach to regulation. Specific themed sessions will debate issues relating to child privacy, lawful access to data – including but not limited to the implications of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v Wade and the future of privacy as emerging technologies, such as AI and the metaverse, develop. A common thread throughout the discussions will explore how the ADPPA balances the protection of individuals and the promotion of positive innovation with regards to the issues covered.

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