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A comprehensive staff scheduling and overtime management platform.
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Adashi RollCall Public Safety Scheduling Software

Emergency services organizations often have distinct scheduling patterns or rotations. Creating staff rosters can take administrators hours to complete – but first responder staffing doesn’t have to be time-consuming or complicated.

Adashi RollCall is a one-of-a-kind public safety scheduling software designed to help administrators minimize labor costs, ensure compliance with union rules, save time, and increase efficiency.

Adashi’s first responder staffing software is an enterprise-level solution designed specifically for firefighters, police officers, EMS, and others in the public safety industry.

Our scheduling software integrates with Adashi’s other products to provide an end-to-end experience for our users. From even before an emergency starts, your public safety agency will have the right crew on duty to handle any incident.

Access Adashi RollCall From Any Location – Right From Your Smartphone

Android and iOS Apps

Adashi offers mobile applications to make first responder staffing accessible and convenient for everyone involved. Instead of going into your station to check your schedule or request time off, emergency responders can see their rotation and make changes right from their smartphones.

First responders can use our mobile apps to:

  • request bookings and shift adjustments
  • view how much leave they have available
  • see their monthly rotation
  • receive messages from commanders and more.

The Adashi RollCall app can be downloaded directly from the Android and iPhone app stores.

How Adashi RollCall Benefits Everyone At Your Agency

For the Department Chief

  • Get real time views of staffing
  • Extensive labor and management reports
  • Minimize noncompliance risk
  • Control labor costs
  • Track employee certifications and qualifications
  • Supports union or business rules for various
    departments and groups

For the Shift Administrator

  • Real time views of staffing for each battalion/dept
  • Ensure daily staffing and assignments are completed in a timely and effective manner
  • Automatically assigns overtime positions based on rules, reducing risk of noncompliance
  • Automatically validates scheduling decisions
  • Identify and avoid understaffing or overstaffing
  • Approve requests for vacation, sick days or trades
  • Create daily roster for export to RMS and payroll

For the First Responder

  • Self-serve access via web or apps
  • Sign up for voluntary overtime
  • Notifications of overtime shifts via iOS
    and Android apps
  • Conduct shift trades via web or apps
  • Access to personal history and real time activity and accrual information


All Inclusive – Cloud Based

Adashi RollCall is an all-inclusive cloud based application that will work with any modern web browser or device — iOS and Android. No hidden costs, no hardware to buy and maintain.

Targeted Staffing Levels

All leave, absences and shift changes are monitored and any shortfall is automatically flagged.

Automated Overtime Hiring

Assign replacements automatically based on your rules.

Time Management

Track vacation hours, sick hours, Kelly days, FMLA and more. Let firefighters track and request sick and vacation time directly from the app.

Sickness and Absences

Absence is recorded together with the specific reason, showing any long term patterns.

Completely Responsive

Manage multiple rosters from anywhere on virtually any device. Simply sign into your account and go.


You can control both planned and unplanned overtime and can include differential pay rates, such as weekend or public holiday rates. Receive warning if you are about to breach your overtime limits.

Control labor costs

Create schedules based on demand and employee preferences, reduce overstaffing and improve productivity.

Integration With Third Party HR and Payroll Solutions

Built in Activity and Payroll report can be exported into text, Excel and PDF formats. Exports include employee information, activity codes and hours, accrual balances, and more, eliminating redundant data entry and improving accuracy.

Vacation picker/scheduling

Allows employees choice of vacations based on seniority or other established parameters while taking into consideration targeted staffing levels and department policies.


Notify employees of open shift and overtime availability via push notifications on iOS and Android apps or text messages. Phone based notification is available as an option.


Built in communication tools allow you to contact all employees or groups of employees. Audit trail built in for record keeping.

Integration with third-party CAD and RMS solutions

Automatic and on demand transfer of of roster data eliminating redundant data entry and ensuring accuracy.

Integration with MDT and Incident Command Software

Automatic transfer of roster data and qualifications to Adashi MDT and Command and Control software for accountability.

Payroll Interface

Adashi Roll Call will interface seamlessly with your existing payroll system.



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Expert Analysis

“Everyone loves the new interface. It’s so easy to read and navigate.”

- James Pioch Jr. , Assistant Chief

Quincy Fire Department

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