1776 Labs

Seed fund investing in entrepreneurs around the world solving important challenges in complex markets

Venture Capital
  • Program Type
    Venture Capital
  • Investment Stage
  • Portfolio Size
    34 Companies
  • Investment Location
  • Industry Focus
    Govtech, Fintech, Smart Cities, Transportation, Education, Health, Energy
In 2014, 1776 Ventures was born out of the 1776 incubator based in Washington, DC. 1776 Ventures democratizes seed funding for entrepreneurs around the globe solving important problems in complex markets. 1776 Ventures embodies the best spirit of Washington, DC, with our belief in cultivating private and public partnerships and helping startups navigate massive markets intertwined with government.

We believe that the major financial and impact returns of the next twenty years will come from the collision of startups and government and 1776 Ventures is here to fund startups and help them navigate this world as they scale.

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