5G First Responder Lab

A Commitment to Public Safety.

Accelerator Program
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    Accelerator Program
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    Next-Gen 5G Technology
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    Check Website
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    3 Months
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The future of public safety technology will be powered by 5G networks. From critical communications, to situational awareness, to virtual reality, to drones; 5G will enable life saving capabilities that will empower the first responders who protect our communities. Verizon and ResponderXLabs are committed to delivering those vital capabilities as soon as possible. 5G First Responder Lab will help deliver that commitment by working alongside boots-on-the-ground to identify the most pressing needs, and the global entrepreneurial community to source the leading solutions. In 2019, 5G First Responder Lab will enable 15 emerging technologies with the power of 5G, and then we’ll deliver those solutions to public safety agencies throughout the country. No whitepapers, no hackathons. Real solutions, real deployments. 5G First Responder Lab will do more than just enable technology; we’ll make sure that technology is what first responders truly need, and we’ll make sure it’s available for every agency. That’s our commitment to public safety.

Up To Speed, May 28

What 5G can do for first responders. New technology will help them do their jobs better and more safely.

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