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We specialize in driving innovation in over 20 industries. Get in touch with our experts and discover how to transform your business.

What makes Plug and Play different from other accelerators?

At Plug and Play, we learned early on that accelerators could do so much more for startups.

We spent the last few years entirely redefining what startup acceleration means. Whether you are here in our Silicon Valley headquarters, or one of our 22 locations worldwide, you have access to the most powerful network of entrepreneurs, corporations, venture capitalists, and mentors.

Our Verticals


We're driving innovation in agriculture to find and develop new applications in automation, analytics, sustainability, and supply chain. Discover the next generation of farming

Animal Health

Stay ahead of new technologies, evolving consumer demand, and the need to improve environmental, human, and animal health.

Brand & Retail

We connect forward-thinking brands, retailers, and CPGs with startups influencing the retail value chain. Join us and discover the future of the industry.


Hydrogen, EV charging, grid-scale storage, and cybersecurity are just some of the focus areas of our Energy platform. Adapt to a new landscape where clean energy plays a key role.

Enterprise Tech

We disrupt the foundational status quo of every company through a wide range of focus areas, such as big data, customer experience, HR, or cybersecurity.


We work with leading financial institutions and focus on areas such as payments, wealth & asset management, open banking, regtech, or AI.

Food & Beverage

We connect corporations and startups that are working to commercialize the food of the future. Food that is healthier, tastier, and better for our planet.


Our Global Overseas Acceleration & Learning program works with international government agencies, technology incubators, and universities to source, identify, and accelerate promising startups.


We focus on digital health technologies that challenge digital practices, improve data analytics, and enhance the patient journey across the continuum of care.


We drive innovation in P&C, L&H, and general insurance. Technology is transforming the insurance value chain, and we make sure our partners lead that change.


The Internet of Things gives our corporate partners the possibility to make smart decisions faster and with less effort. We help them leverage this opportunity.


We connect corporations and startups to catalyze change and foster a safer, smarter, and greener maritime industry.

Media & Ad

Traditional media, search marketing, and paid TV have all shifted to more organic, seamless, and digitally native advertising strategies. Find out how we foster innovation in Media & Ad.


Our Mobility program is set out to change the world of mobility forever and make giant leaps towards a new, more connected experience than ever before.

New Materials & Packaging

We are rethinking the future of paper, plastics, metals, glass, alloys, and chemicals. Learn how we can help you stay ahead of trends in this landscape.

Real Estate & Construction

The way we finance, design, construct, manage, and experience our urban development has been redefined.

Smart Cities

Technology can help define, improve, and accelerate the lives, work, and interactions of all of us in urban areas. Now is the time to become a driver of urban planning and innovation.

Supply Chain

In a world in which e-commerce and automation are more important than ever, supply chain tech is key. Find out more about our Supply Chain platform.


We bring together game-changing ideas from different industries and countries in order to solve some of the greatest environmental challenges that our society faces today.

Travel & Hospitality

We connect digitally-minded travel suppliers, such as airlines, hospitality brands, airports, TMCs, and leisure travel agencies, creating an ecosystem that fast-tracks innovation.

Future Phases

Check out an overview of each competition phase below - complete rules for each phase will be released as the competition progresses.

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