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We imagine a world where empathetic, mission-oriented founders win

Venture Capital
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    Venture Capital
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    20 Companies
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Broom Ventures is a venture capital firm that invests in early-stage technology companies with exceptional Teams, Leadership, and Culture (TLC).

Broom Ventures envisions a world where empathetic, mission-oriented founders win. We co-invest alongside the world’s top investors and provide our companies with access to extraordinary talent and relationships to build great businesses at scale. Broom invests globally and has operations in San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago, and Boston.

Investment Overview

More than Capital

Broom Ventures envisions a world where empathetic, mission-oriented founders win. We seek out extraordinary Teams, Leadership, and Culture, and provide capital, talent, and leadership conversations to help early stage technology companies achieve their full potential.

True Partners

We know the focus and effort it takes to build and scale. We use our capital, connections, and capabilities to help our technology companies become growth leaders. With access to top talent, leadership conversations, and corporate partners, we open doors for the companies we invest in, and jump in to help leadership drive growth.

Teams, Leadership, and Culture ("TLC")

We see teams, leadership, and culture ("TLC") as critical factors that enable companies to conquer the world's toughest problems. Great teams are internally motivated in pursuit of a shared mission. They are focused, execute quickly and reliably, forge partnerships, build relationships with customers, refine products and business models, and ultimately are more resilient and successful.

Humility, Purpose, Character, Integrity, Responsibility, and Leadership

We look for humility and purpose. We look for character, integrity, responsibility, and leadership. Companies that prioritize TLC are the companies that move fast, make better decisions, attract better talent, understand their customers, and find ways to succeed. And they mitigate some of the key risks that can destroy companies from the inside, so healthy TLC means better outcomes.


  • Own it - Take personal responsibility and be accountable for outcomes.
  • Listen - Really understand motivations and needs.
  • Seek the Truth - Don’t care about old ideas being right, care about how well you think and learn.
  • Focus - Stay on target.
  • Sweep - Jump in and do the hard work that needs to get done.
  • Practice Artistry - Care and attention to details, practice and improvement over time.
  • Done - Deliver results.
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