Foundation for Research, Science and Technology (FRST)

Invest in science and technology research that benefits New Zealand

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The Foundation for Research, Science and Technology is a Crown entity, created by the Foundation for Research, Science and Technology Act 1990 (the Act). The Foundation’s main objective is to invest in science and technology research for the benefit of New Zealand. It is governed by a board appointed by the Minister of Research, Science, and Technology (the Minister).

What does an auditor do?

The main way we get to know what an organisation has done each year with its money and other resources is to read its annual report. How can we know whether we can trust what it tells us in that annual report? That’s where the audit comes in. Watch this video to learn about the important role auditors play in the public sector.

What's Included

The main roles of the Foundation are:

• to allocate the Government’s main investments in public good science and technology1 research that supports economic and social development, and environmental sustainability;

• responsibility for administering several other Government funding schemes that have been set up to address specific research, science, and technology aims; and

• to provide advice to the Minister on matters about research, science, and technology.

Future Phases

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