Helmholtz Association of German Research Centers

Research for Grand Challenges

  • Program Type
  • Funding Award
    Helmholtz Visiting Researcher Grant
  • Submission Deadline
  • Program Duration
    HIDA offers funding for a 1-3 months research stay.
  • Industry Focus
  • Eligibilty Requirements (Y/N)
    Postdocs and doctoral students from (inter-)national research organizations and researchers from industry (Master's degree with at least 3 years of research experience, or PhD).

We conduct research on behalf of the state and society. That is why we are looking for answers to the big questions of our time. For example, what resources will we use to generate our energy in the future? How can we make mobility climate-friendly? What therapies will help with previously incurable diseases? Our goal: To secure the basis of human life in the long term and develop technologies for a competitive economy.

Corona: What research is being done?

Researchers around the world are working to uncover the structure of the coronavirus and its infection pathways, to develop more effective medicines and a vaccine, and to help authorities prevent the virus from spreading uncontrollably - using a wide range of research approaches and methods. This animated video gives a brief overview of the research being carried out on SARS-CoV-2 at Helmholtz and its partners around the world.

Future Phases

Check out an overview of each competition phase below - complete rules for each phase will be released as the competition progresses.