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A public corporation at the national level whose mission involves promoting the internationalization of Spanish companies to support their competitiveness and add value to the economy as a whole, as well as attracting foreign investment to Spain. ICEX Spain Trade and Investment renders its services through a network of 31 Provincial and Regional Divisions in Spain along with almost 100 Economic and Trade Offices around the world. It also boasts 16 Business Centers worldwide, offering Spanish companies temporary infrastructure and acting as             incubators for internationalization.

Biospain 2016 boosts Spanish Biotechnology industry and attract foreign direct investment

ICEX - Invest in Spain supports Spanish Biotechnology companies in order to increase exports and promote, attract and consolidate foreign direct investment in Spain


To develop the Mission in all its extension, the Strategic Plan contemplates six main objectives and twenty-seven intermediate objectives. Five of the main objectives are aimed at companies and the sixth objective is to improve the organization's internal management. These objectives are:

    1. Strengthen the resilience of the foreign sector, expanding and diversifying the export base and accelerating its consolidation in the international market.
    2. Strengthen the resilience of the foreign sector through diversification and anchoring in destination markets and ensure its insertion in value chains.
    3. Increase the added value of exports, with special attention to technology, digitization, branding and innovation as differentiating factors.
    4. Attract and retain foreign direct investment, which favors sustainable growth, quality employment, innovation and the attraction of talent.
    5. Train people and attract talent to promote sustainable internationalization.
    6. Improve the resilience of the institution by consolidating a governance model that is committed to a cohesive, digital, sustainable ICEX with a vocation for alliance and public-private collaboration.

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