Innovation on a Mission

Venture Capital
  • Program Type
    Venture Capital
  • Avg Funding Amount
  • Investment Stage
    “Ready-Soon” Technologies & Products Near Final Stages of Commercialization
  • Portfolio Size
  • Investment Location
    Washington, D.C., Menlo Park, Boston (Waltham), London, Sydney
  • Industry Focus
    Digital Intelligence, Trusted Infrastructure, Autonomous Systems, Industry 4.0, Intelligent Connectivity, Data Analytics, AI & ML, IT Platforms

In-Q-Tel has served one mission for more than 20 years: to deliver the most sophisticated source of strategic technical knowledge and capabilities to the U.S. government and its allies. In-Q-Tel explores emerging technology and provides insight, powering its partners with the ability to better anticipate and advance national security in the 21st century.

In-Q-Tel: Tech Investor Perspective

At the 2021 Macquarie Technology Summit, Clayton Williams, Managing Director of IQT International, part of In-Q-Tel, discussed how technology is enabling governments to meet their national security objectives, highlighting how tech start-ups can take their products on government missions.

Partnering with Government

In-Q-Tel’s success is measured by mission use and impact:

More than 75% of In-Q-Tel's investments have been field-tested by our government partners.

Approximately 50% of our investments have been adopted for use.

Future Phases

Check out an overview of each competition phase below - complete rules for each phase will be released as the competition progresses.


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