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Your strategic partner to invest in Spain

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An Executive Directorate of ICEX Spain Trade & Investment, a Government Body chaired by the Secretary of State for Trade of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism. Our chief mandate is to attract foreign direct investment to Spain.

Invest in Spain, your strategic partner to invest in Spain

The Secretary of State for Trade, Xiana Méndez Bértolo, presents the new Invest in Spain website, redesigned by ICEX España Exportación e Inversiones to promote the attraction of investments from foreign companies to our country.


We provide information on specific laws that govern any business activity. We can also offer advice on the legal obligations that each company must fulfil to operate correctly in Spain.

Labour market

We brief you on contractual obligations, labour costs, collective bargaining, current labor laws and amendments, Social Security requirements, etc.


We provide information about tax obligations, exemptions, etc.

Financing and incentives

If you are looking to finance your business, we can help you to find the best match for your project, as well as identify incentives and subsidies to help grow your business.

Future Phases

Check out an overview of each competition phase below - complete rules for each phase will be released as the competition progresses.


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