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An open-source, agile, and collaborative approach to national security.

A collective of creative technologists, engineers, and data scientists exploring the ways that cutting-edge technology paired with applied research can address national security problems.

IQT Labs - Research for the Common Good

IQT Labs is a research organization that’s part of In-Q-Tel (IQT), the non-profit strategic investor for the U.S. national security community. IQT Labs delivers technology and insights to the national security community and to affects a positive impact on society via research, open-source datasets, and education.

IQT Labs identifies aspects of these problems that can be tackled quickly and open-sourced, using lightweight and agile methods. Collaborating with a broad ecosystem of experts from government, academia, and industry to experiment with emerging tools and prototype solutions, IQT Labs shares insights about technology ahead of the startup.

IQT Labs has a firm commitment to open data and open source. You’ll find our work available through datasets, open-source code, published papers, conference reports, and more.

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