Knowledge Foundation (KK)

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    Finnish companies, universities, and research organizations (mostly small to mid-sized Finnish companies)

Funds research and competence development at Sweden’s university colleges and new universities with the purpose of strengthening Sweden’s competitiveness.

The power of partnership. University and industry in Sweden

Watch the French documentary filmmaker Philippe Boucher's film about how universities and colleges co-produce research with business. The film was broadcast on French television at the end of 2012. The film interviews representatives at Karlstad University, Mid Sweden University, Halmstad University, Skövde University, and the Knowledge Foundation's CEO Madelene Sandström.

We provide funding when activities are conducted in collaboration between academic staff and business sector partners. The aim is to build internationally competitive, integrated research and education environments.

Our mission is to strengthen Sweden’s competitiveness, and we know that collaborative projects between academia and industry create great benefits for both parties. The Foundation was established in 1994 with a founding capital of 3.6 billion SEK, and has now invested some 10.6 billion SEK in over 3,300 projects.

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